Bip is a MUST for commuters

Bip: A Revolutionary Foldable Seat

Relax, where you've never thought it was possible!

Our first product is an incredible foldable seat that will revolutionize the idea of portable furniture.

Most foldable seats either weigh a lot or are too small and uncomfortable to have a concrete advantage over sitting on the ground or standing up. 

Bip is a true lightness champ: in fact, weighs less than any other seat with 2+feet in existence. Being so light, you might think Bip wouldn't be able to withstand a substantial weight, but thanks to our innovative technology, Atom, our seat is Incredibly Tough and resistant.

When it's opened, is much more comfortable than any other seat or stool, Its incredibly adaptable posture will amaze you!


Dynamic Posture:

Sitting for long times in the same position impedes the flow of blood that is needed to bring nutrients to the muscles and to carry away the waste products of muscle metabolism.

With its never-seen-before bipod-like structure, Bip will enable you (when you want) to swing stably: while being a lot of fun, this means also you won't experience any of the hassles related to static postures and your muscles will be constantly active without you even noticing.

Easy opening:

Thanks to its innovative foldable frame, Bip can be set up incredibly quickly (around 3 seconds) and very easily .

The ease of use in opening and closing Bip, also allows you to use it even in an urban environment, if you are waiting for your bus and you don’t know if it’s going to arrive in 5 minutes or half an hour: when time comes just fold it down in the same way you unfolded it before and you’ll be ready to go in an instant.




Weight: 430 G/ 0,96 Lb

Weight capacity (tested): 135 Kg/ 300 Lb

Dimensions (inside pouch): 36 Cm (h), 9-6 cm (Ø) / 14,5 In (h) , 3.5-2.4 In (Ø)

Seating height : 45 Cm / 13 In ( a standard chair’s height )


Seating surface:

                basic edition : polyester fabric 600d - (water and sun resistant)

                Pioneer edition: real leather inserts + hemp fabric (toughest natural fiber around)

Straps: High tenacity, heat treated Polyester fiber (maximum resistance to traction, minimal expansion)

Rods: Anodized aluminum EN AW 6060

Central core: Nylon 6,6, fiberglass reinforced (25%)

Other elements: Polypropylene fiberglass reinforced (10%)

* Minimal changes may happen due to production process